Erie County Holding Center Deaths Continue to Rise

The grim tally of deaths in Erie County jails has increased again with the apparent suicide of a reportedly distraught inmate.

Still frame from surveillance video inside Erie County Holding Center shows deputies and medics wheel inmate Richard Metcalf strapped to a gurney, face down with a pillow case covering his head on Nov. 28, 2012. Metcalf did not survive.

We don’t yet know the circumstances, why the deceased was incarcerated, or whether he had prior arrests or known mental health issues.

What we do know is that this brings to 22 the number of deaths in Erie County jails and prisons on
Tim Howard’s watch. The Holding Center and the
Correctional Facility have become houses of death.

This trend and the lack of a plan to address it must change. It must change now. It is long past time for Tim Howard to go. That’s why I am running for Sheriff. I have a plan and I will bring the change we need