Bernie Tolbert Receives Endorsement of Erie County Executive

Buffalo, NY September 29, 2017— Erie County Executive, Mark Poloncarz today offered his endorsement of former FBI Special Agent, Bernie Tolbert, as the Democratic candidate for Erie County Sheriff. In issuing his support, the county executive noted Tolbert’s extensive professional experience that highly qualifies him for the office.  (Full video of press conference at bottom of post.)

“Today I am proud to support Bernie Tolbert to be our next Sheriff of Erie County. Bernie will bring his years of experience as the FBI Special Agent in charge of the Buffalo Office to the Sheriff’s Office to offer a new vision for Erie County that embraces responsible government and offers all Erie County residents hope that professionalism will always prevail, especially when it comes to the management of our county jails and the Erie County Holding Center,” said Erie County Executive Mark C. Poloncarz.”

“Bernie is someone you know will wear the uniform of Erie County Sheriff with integrity and respect. He has a detailed plan to focus on some of the most serious issues facing our law enforcement community today, including an aggressive approach to combating the ongoing heroin and opioid epidemic, something that my administration is very passionate about. Bernie Tolbert is the right man for the job and I ask you to support him in his quest to become the next Erie County Sheriff and join me on November 7 in helping elect him to office.”

Tolbert announced his candidacy in May and has since undertaken a strong campaign of employing his law enforcement and security experience to clean up the holding center, find new ways to combat and beat the opioid/heroin problem and curb the illegal gun and gun homicide problem. Tolbert’s message is clearly resonating with voters as recent polls suggest the sheriff’s race is a dead heat and even give Tolbert the edge over incumbent Tim Howard. Tolbert notes the Poloncarz endorsement will further strengthen his candidacy, while the county executive’s leadership skills provide exemplary value.

“I am grateful to the County Executive for his support and public endorsement for my candidacy as, undoubtedly, voters respond to his leadership,” Tolbert said. “Mark is also a role model for all who aspire to public service in the way he represents and responds to all people throughout the county. As sheriff, I will follow his lead in pledging to the voters of Erie County that I will be as a sheriff for everyone. I will restore pride and professionalism to the office, respect the uniform of the sheriff and never forget that my job is to serve the people.”

Bernie Tolbert for Erie County Sheriff – Erie County Executive…

Thank you Erie County Executive Mark Poloncarz for your endorsement today of Bernie Tolbert for Erie County Sheriff.

Posted by Bernie Tolbert for Erie County Sheriff on Friday, September 29, 2017


Tolbert’s campaign platform for Erie County Sheriff is built on four main ideas:
1. Reverse the mismanagement of the county jails which has led to 22 deaths during the current sheriff’s administration and resulted in tens of millions of dollars in litigation and related fees to county taxpayers.
2. Aggressively address the heroin and opioid overdose problem plaguing the county by breaking up smuggling operations from Mexico and China and illegal pill mills in Erie County.
3. Stem the rising tide of gun murders by taking illegal guns off the streets and breaking up drug gangs.
4. Changing the toxic political climate by treating everyone with respect and dignity and never lending the sheriff’s uniform to extremist rallies or organizations.