Howard’s Policies of Dishonesty and Mismanagement Cost Erie County Taxpayers Another Lawsuit

 Tim Howard’s pattern of hiding the truth and defying other government offices continues, and the result is another costly lawsuit against the county.

Members of the disbanded Community Corrections Advisory Board have sued the Sheriff demanding that he label suicides and suicide attempts in the jails as suicides, as required by the State Commission of Correction, not as “inmate disturbances” or other phony terms designed the hide the truth and duck government oversight of the jails.

It’s obvious why Tim Howard wants to continue this policy of deceit – after 22 deaths in the jails on his watch and countless lawsuits costing taxpayers untold millions – the sheriff is desperate to hide his 12-year record of mismanagement and needless death.

On top of that, Howard continues to defy other branches of government as if he is his own legislature, court, and executive branch of government. In this case, Howard is defying an order from the State Commission on Correction to properly label suicides and suicide attempts in the county jails. Similarly, he recently refused to disclose details of the controversial Stingray Surveillance Program to the county legislators who authorized it.

Howard’s defiant attitude is encouraged by the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association, an extremist group founded by disgraced Arizona Sheriff and Howard ally Joe Arpaio. Constitutional sheriffs believe they have the right to enforce only the laws and government rulings they deem constitutional, regardless of the courts and the legislatures or Congress.

It is long past time for Tim Howard to get his house in order, tell the truth about what is going on in the county jails, and work cooperatively with other branches of government.