My Philosophy on Law Enforcement

Support law enforcement officers. Whether they are traffic cops, transit guards, police on patrol, or sheriff’s deputies — they deserve our respect, our support, and our thanks. They do the hard work to keep us safe, and often they put their lives on the line for all of us. Sheriff’s deputies, officers in other forces and departments, and the people of Erie County should know that I will stand behind our law enforcement personnel.

Collaborate, don’t go it alone. You get better results when you work together with other agencies, other branches of government, and other experts. Don’t think you have all the answers. Don’t take on a bunker mentality.

Compassion is not a dirty word in law enforcement. Remember that the person you are arresting is somebody’s son or daughter, or somebody’s mom or dad. Never forget the human aspect of the work you do. And never forget the victims of crime. We are here to defend them and help them get justice.

Finally, and most important, enforce the law. You don’t have to like it. You can disagree with it. And you can work within the system to change it. But do your job first. As Sheriff, I will enforce the law, even if I don’t like it.